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Why You Need Commercial Window Tinting Charlotte NC

February 20, 2015


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Commercial windows tinting is something you need to think about if you’re serious about three things: savings in electricity, protecting your establishment from the sun and from thieves, and advertising your establishment for free.  

While there’s no doubt that commercial window tint can enhance the feel of any building, tinting actually reduces electricity costs whilst supplying additional security. Commercial window tinting is different from ordinary window tinting in that there are different types of tint films providing different levels of protection, while at the same time giving your building or establishment a different look. Some products, like the ones offered by 3M, make glass windows practically impossible to shatter. It helps hold your glass in position throughout destructive weather, explosive device blasts, explosions or robberies.

Of course, as you might expect, windows tinting can be expensive depending on the materials you use and the company you hire. However, you can actually get a return on your investment within three years. You can see this return on investment in the form of lower electricity bills. Window tint reduces cooling costs and therefore reduces energy consumption.

If you want to know more about commercial tints, check out some videos and articles to find more about how tinting windows can be a sound investment.

Window tints enhance the appearance of your building or establishment while reducing warmth and glare. Tint offers protection against a diminishing interior. It also protects the people inside, resulting in increased productivity. Tint enhances comfort and stops the sun’s glare, while supplying protection for area rugs, furniture and flooring.

When you’re done with the tinting, you can increase your exposure by installing billboards or LCD screens outside.
If you still haven’t installed tinting, you should make plans to do so in the near future. Like anything else, in order to get the best prices, make sure to get a quote from at least three companies. While quality of work is important, it’s also important to check the type of tint film used.

As we said earlier, there are tint products that make your windows practically unbreakable. Of course, they are expensive than ordinary tint, but it’s not hard to imagine there are affordable brands in the unbreakable line.

If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, you should know that there are several companies based in the area that can do the job professionally. Be prepared to spend a few thousand dollars on windows tinting in the beginning. Don’t worry. As we said before, you will feel the intangible benefits almost immediately, and see the monetary returns in three years’ time.

Personally, I never thought about tinting the glass in my office until I started having serious headaches and constantly teary eyes from sitting long hours before the computer. I was to learn later from my optometrist that the sun’s glare reflected on my computer contributed directly to my condition. I wasted no time having my glass windows tinted with the highest levels of sun protection after that.


Introducing Tint Shop NC

September 12, 2014

Come visit TINT SHOP NC located in Denver, NC. We bring over 25 years of experience tinting residential, commercial and automobiles to the NC area and always offer the best films at the lowest prices with the friendliest service. You care for a lifetime guarantee, so do we.

Tint Shop NC has been recognized as the premiere provider of professional high-quality window tinting services in the state for more than 20 years. In addition to offering window tinting on every style of vehicle, they provide window tint installations in private residences, offices and commercially-owned warehouses and buildings.